We mourn for Hidetoshi Nakahashi

Nakahashi Sensei is gone.

Through his great commitment, his authentic humorous nature, he was able to inspire generations of Karateka.

It was he who invited Kenei Mabuni Soké to us and thus made it possible to establish and spread the Dento Shitoryu Karate-Do in Europe.
Peace, friendship and health care where at the forefront of his teachings. A great teacher has gone. He has enriched us all.

We say Thank You!

May he rest in peace

7.11.1944 – 4.7.2019

Japan 2012 / 2013

In Osaka/Japan bei Soke Mabuni Kenei 2012 und 2013

Terada – Nakahashi – Mabuni – Molina



Übergabe der Diplomurkunde zum 8. Dan am 23. April 2013 an Carlos Molina 

Entrega de diploma


27 Shito Ryu Dangrade versammelt: Carlos Molina (8. Dan) – Soke Mabuni Kenei (10. Dan) – Hidetoshi Nakahashi (9. Dan)



Der Meister und sein Schüler im April 2012

Mabuni-Molina 2012